Extremo Sur

rafting and kayak

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: extremosur.com
: Morales 765 | Bariloche – Patagonia – Argentina

The rafting team was in trouble! During scouting the river they could not see a tree blocked the route chosen. Too late to return, They should act quickly. Considering the options, the leader quickly made a decision and ordered his team to row faster. They rowed together to pass the danger and follow the main stream of the river. They finished the descent screaming, He is laughing and congratulating each other by their reaction in the crisis. An observer would believe that the team had been rowing together for years. In fact, none of them, including the leader, He had done rafting before. They are a group of executives participating in an innovative exercise leadership and teamwork RIO MANSO EXPEDITIONS.

Tom Wesley

Horse riding and recreation

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: cabalgatastomwesley.com
: Of. Bustillo Km. 15,500 | Bariloche – Patagonia – Argentina

Tom Wesley is a complex consisting in 35has. nestled in the woods at the foot of the mountains. It has three rooms for events, conventions and weddings. The main hall can accommodate service 150-200 people, a smaller room with capacity for 50 intimo people and one for 20 people. So also a multipurpose room equipped with convention projects.

Cerro Otto Cable Car

Fun, adventure, culture and nature

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: telefericobariloche.com.ar
: Km5 pioneers | Bariloche – Patagonia – Argentina

Resort Cerro Otto Cable Car, fun, adventure, culture and nature for all! Art gallery with accurate life-size rubbings: the David, Piety and Moses, Michelangelo Buonarroti. rotating cafeteria. Otto house: micro cinema / ballroom / disco. Toboggan runs (winter); inflables otto kart (The rest of the year). Shoeing through the snowy forest. Suspension bridge. Funicular summit: transport on top of the mountain. Local merchandising and photography. own vehicles to transport passengers free of charge to and from the city center, parking and an extensive field for recreational activities.

Turisur Sailing Patagonia

Turisur is a business of conscious tourism environment in which it is located and where it operates. Why it is proposed to care for and preserve natural resources conscientizando its passengers and employees.